precedent: Pedro Almodovar’s Monument

Title: Pedro Almodovar’s Monument

Author: Enproyecto Arquitectura

Location: Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

Year Complete: 2009

This monument is dedicated to the Spanish filmmaker, Pedro Almodovar. It was the winning entry of a competition asking to reflect on Almodovar’s cinematographic work, which is filled with the presence of the culture/landscape of his land. The main idea of this project was to honor La Mancha, Almodovar’s hometown, framing the skyline as if it were a still from one of his films.

almodovar frame view.jpg

The stepped form of the structure was inspired by a camera focus, as well as its shape, resolving at the same time the accessibility of the monument to be used as a meeting place, a place for concerts, and a place to screen movies. The red color and the texture references Almodovar’s use of these elements in his films.

plans:sections almodovar.jpg


The monument was constructed with dry, self-compacting concrete developed by CEMEX, which allowed the mixture to be transported from the headquarters to the site directly. This allowed for the mixture of concrete and colorants to be perfected before the construction process. This concrete worked well within its steel framework, and allowed for the cast pattern to be crisp.

concrete pour.jpgconcrete specificity.jpg


Thoughts: A word used to describe this monument was “nice” which, although a broad and possibly lazy critique, captures the monument well. I think it is easy to envision a monument to a person, when that person is already a visual creator. Enproyecto Arquitectura took  common motifs from Almodovar films and concretized them in this monument. This monument does not, however, evoke the surreal, flamboyant tone of his movies but instead provides a more expansive statement on Almodovar’s love of place. It is tame but.. nice. As a memorial/ a place for collective memory, it is similar to Aldo Rossi’s “Monumento a Sandro Pertini” it acts as a facilitator to civic memory, but less to the person it is dedicated to.


Still from “Volver”


Arch Daily



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