Precedent: Rethinking Memorial

Title: Rethinking Memorial

Authors: Brooklyn Arts Council

Location: Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York City

Year complete: 2011



Ten interactive sites for remembering 9/11.

The entire event was ten “ephemeral memorial” events spanning across ten days to honor each year after the 9/11 attacks. Each event was curated or realized by a local art organization. Interaction and communal remembrance was the crux of the ten days. The goal was to capture a personal memory through the creation of a memorial, whether that be individually or as a community.


Day 01.

Illegal Art

Michael McDevvit | Otis Kriegel

Part 1: Put two fingers into a grey can of paint and hold them in the sky and reflect of the skyline with and without the twin towers.

Part 2: Paint a provided 6 in by 6 in of paper with the color that you remember the sky being the morning of 911 before the attacks or you heard the news.


Day 02.

Petits Fours

Legacy Russel

Bond over the consumption of food. Earth square or rectangular shaped cakes that elude to tombstones. Casually communicate and reflect about your memories and those who were affected, suffered, and perished because of the attacks.


Day 03.

Brooklyn Arts Council

Staff Project

Create and ephemeral memorial out of staff provided traditional emblems or artifacts of commemoration and anything that attendants have with them and want to offer. Place them in a public part and allow it to vanish and weather over time.


Day 04.

Urban River Arts

Kimberly Carmody

Rummage through recycling and garbage and found objects and paint them or cover them with the color or texture of the world trade center. Let it remain throughout the week and let anyone continue to contribute.


Day 05.

Matt Freedman

Singular Artist

Put a marble in a clay calender to signify each day sense September 11th 2001. Mark the span of days and reflect on collapsing the time-line of history.


Day 06.

Jennifer Cecere

Singular Artist

Doily Protection Piece/Knitting. Doilies are traditionally used to protect furniture. Make a communal doily to symbolize as “an armor against fear and misunderstanding.”


Day 07.

Sonya Blesofsky

Singular Artist

With provided paper and a template make a small paper model of the twin towers. To be used in a later event.


Day 08.

The Ripple Project

Every participant that is at any daily event is recorded answering the questions: What is missing in the conversation surrounding 9/11? And the answers are compiled to a video to be broadcasted through different ephemeral memorials.


Day 09.

Friendly Falcons

Botanical Memories.

With satchels provided everyone collects natural artifacts and snippets of plants to create a aromatic memorial to carry with you and allow it to fade like a natural memory.


Day 10.

Kay Turner

Singular Artist

Put a chain around the small paper models of the twin towers and all attendants come together to unlock the chain and individually enter the span of the collection of the models to reflect on the week and the previous tragedies.

Return, Remember: Rethinking Memorial (Brooklyn Arts Council)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


Brooklyn Arts Council Website

Illegal Art Website

The Ripple Project Website


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